Cards ahoy!

It all started with this birthday card for my MIL.

This is an adaptation of a valentine's card that I made (I bought the cut files for the card, so I didn't design the original). The original had a heart instead of a circle for the 'window', but Tim suggested that a circle would work for a general card. He was right. This is two pieces of cardstock--the light pink as the 'behind' part and the purpley pink as the 'front' part.

Then I started thinking--what if I did other cards with other things in the circle? Hmm. I went online to look for some free images that I could adapt. And I came up with these:

This last one is the Haystack Rock in Pacific City.

Then I thought 'well, plain cardstock is kind of boring for the 'behind' part so I started playing around with some Oxide stamps that I just got. Oxide stamps allow for some watercolor techniques and also some cool ombre techniques. This is how they would look once I figure out the right size t…

Not really a holiday

I technically don't have President's Day off, but I don't have a class today, I worked during the past two weekends (and on MLK day, which I technically did have off) and I'm out at the coast, so I don't think a lot of stuff beyond maintenance will get done today. I will go back mid-Afternoon, Tim heads up to Seattle tomorrow for some meetings.

It's been a great weekend. There has been--

All Kinds of Weather

Fog. Sun. Pouring Down Rain. Clouds. A Brief Attempt at a Sunset. And my favorite: Pouring down rain in the back of the house, and sunny in the front.

 This was yesterday morning when we got up.

This was yesterday morning about an hour after we got up.

We took advantage, especially yesterday--we went for a walk on the beach (there was a deer on the beach! That is a first for us) and then a long walk in the afternoon as well. Saturday we were homebound because of the rain but we ventured out to go to a dinner party at a neighbor's. It was very fun to spen…

Saturday Morning Crafts

Well, these are actually Friday afternoon and Saturday morning crafts, just to keep everything honest.

I got here yesterday around 11--Tim got here around 5:30. I unpacked and put stuff away (I brought out some crafting stuff, because generally I don't need a lot for a weekend). I got the crab stock out of the freezer, and then ran a few errands (grocery store, gas station, and post office). And the dogs got a walk, and emails were attended to.


I cut out some stencils that we'll use both on glass etching (I have glass tile coasters to try this on, and if anyone knows where to get red or blue or green glass 'blank' tiles, let me know).

These are cut out of mylar stencil materials, and should theoretically be reusable. We'll see.


I made a few cards. One for my MIL's birthday-

Plain cardstock is starting to bore me, so I'm going to play around with some stamping next week. Stay tuned!

Here is one I made for my friend Platt.

And this one was an exp…

Thursday Crazy

This has been a crazy week--lots of stuff with work but I'm, for the moment, caught up. I'll head over to the coast tomorrow morning, and Tim will come later in the day. We really need this weekend of quiet and relaxation.

Circus Movement
It's coming along. I haven't had a lot of knitting time, and I'm also working on a new tiny needle. But this is coming along.

Repair Shop
Have you seen this show on Netflix? It's so sweet and calming. It is about people who bring old stuff to be repaired to this barn on some type of living history farm in the UK.  And then the people who work at the Repair Shop fix their stuff.  It's just such a nice show. We all need some nice, don't we?

Midterm today
I gave a midterm today. In this class, I reference Cultivation Theory in every single class. And that is the only theory I ever reference. Anyway, on the test, I gave an example of cultivation theory (without calling it that) and the question was 'what theory does this …

One Sleeve Wonder

Someone--was it Kathy B?--wanted to know how I was going to do the sleeve on my sweater. Well, I really didn't know. Twinnie I think said that she had a sweater her mom made where the stripes matched exactly. Yeah, that's not happening here, particularly with the blocky design of the sweater.

So, basically, I vamped.

The sweater body has two different colors of blue stripes, so I did a sleeves with the light blue on top, followed by six different colored stripes that sort of correspond where the sleeve hits when I wear the sweater, followed by dark blue, then a dark grey cuff.

Here's a close up.

And here is how it might look if the stars and planets align and I get a good block on the body of the sweater and if I hold my arm just right. And since I don't spend a lot of time posing in sweaters I think this will look ok.

That arm didn't take a whole lot of time, so that's good. I should be able to get this finished sooner rather than later!


This will be a crafts free post, mostly because I'm writing it at work and forgot to take pictures. Plus it was a really really busy weekend.

On Saturday I guess lectured (via Skype) at my friend Lauren's graduate class at the University of Washington. I was talking Wokewashing, and was kind of tweaking my presentation up until the last minute.

On Sunday, well, this happened.

 I was a guest coach for the Women's Basketball Game, which means I got a behind the scenes tour of the basketball arena and then had really, really good seats for the game. I'm in the middle, with my friend and colleague Kelli to the right, and Megan who I had not met before on the left. We were invited by the athletes and the support staff because we support athletes (just like we support all our students). It was a fun but somewhat tense game which we won (I'm a GOOD COACH!).

Anyway, back to knitting and other stuff tomorrow.

Halfway done

I'm halfway through our academic year! We're on 'quarters' which means that we have two ten week terms in the first half of the year. The academic year finishes mid-June, and then we start classes again at the end of September.

I'm excited, of course, because it means we are closer and closer to spending another summer on the coast. Can't wait!

But in between will be the busy-ness of classes and research and getting all of our students graduated (I'm on at least 15 committees of students doing theses/projects/dissertations this year) (a bunch of the Master's students haven't decided yet on an adviser so I'm guessing I'll add a few more).

This week

This week has been busy with talking with prospective PhD students--we'll make final decisions on that last week. I've also had a few students who needed a boost--nothing horribly wrong, just 'I don't know that I want to go to work right after I finish' (ok that's fine) and &…