Monday, February 08, 2016

Kathy's Monday Member

Kathy asks more questions!

Ssk or Knit2tog? K2together--one reason I like the High Seas pattern is because it is almost all K2T!
Double your yarn or knit faster? I don't relaly like doubling yarn.
Ravelry or Pinterest? I'm a Rav girl, Pinterest is too overwhelming

Stop n stretch or drive right through? I'd rather drive right through!
Mountains or desert? Definitely mountains.
Watch sunrise or watch sunset? Sunset I think!  But that's a West Coast thing.

Flu shot or no flu shot? I HATE SHOTS so no.
Tissue with lotion or plain tissue? Plain please.
Mosquito repellent or cover up? Depends--if we're going on a hike or a paddle and we know there will be mosquitos definitely the repellent but I'd prefer to not put that stuff on my skin.

Walter Payton or Peyton Manning? Oh this is cruel. Both please.
Pets in your bed or close the door? Comet sleeps in a crate at the foot of the bed, Pilot sleeps on a bed on top of her crate, Jessie the cat comes in and out as she pleases.
Wash your fruit or not? I have tended not to wash fruit with skin that you don't eat but am changing my tune on that.

Sunday, February 07, 2016

In which we channel 80s rock stars

Tim did his best ZZ Top:

And I honored my inner Stevie Nicks:

And off we went to the Eugene Symphony's 50th Anniversary Gala. It was fancy and not at all in our wheelhouse but it was fun to experience. And dress up.

Friday, February 05, 2016

Hi there High Seas!

I started Kieran Foley's High Seas (with a modification or two--not quite as many repeats of some of the sections since I prefer a scarf rather than a shawl) and it is slow going (lace) plus I really do need to focus while doing this. I love the color--it is Rowan Kidsilk Haze is a lovely vibrant cornflower blue.

And in other news:

I'm reading "Mrs. Queen Rides the Train" and it is a good book. But then I'm a sucker for royalty.
We started watching "The Leftovers" but gave up on it. I think it is based on Tom Perrata's book (sp?) but the book wasn't that ugly that I recall. And that show is ugly.
We have a busy weekend coming up--going to our first black tie event and attending "The Book of Mormon." Kind of busier than I like but it is just one weekend!

Thursday, February 04, 2016

Sleeves. Sigh.

I have pretty much come to grips with the fact that the grey sweater (I can't even remember its name--I want to say it is Cato but I think that is wrong) won't be done for this sweater season.

This is just the first one--I'm about 52 rows in and bored bored bored. It looks like it would make a nice beer can holder though.

I finished a book called "He's Gone" by Deb Caletti (??) and it was...fine. About a woman who wakes up and her husband is gone. So the rest of the book is half 'where is her husband' and half 'here is all the stuff about our relationship that no one knows.' Definitely fine. And longer than it needed to be (sorry Deb Caletti).

On the plus side, I sent off an article to a journal today that I didn't even plan to do on my sabbatical! So that's a good thing

I did cast on for a new shawl and I just downloaded another pretty cowl called Lissome. It is free on Ravelry until midnight tomorrow (Friday) and you should check it out!

Wednesday, February 03, 2016

Back to Knitting!

Look what I finished!

Well almost--I need to seam this together, but then I'm done!
The colors are really quite a bit more vibrant than see here--I'll post another photo after I blocked it and seamed it so you can see I'm not a liar :-).

Also, please note the needle that I used to knit this. Luckily it didn't break but man, I am muscling that yarn, yes? Is muscling even a word?

Life is fine--some recurring issues at work that aren't getting resolved, and some people wanting to meet even though I'm on sabbatical. I'm getting some good research done and that's good.

Are you watching London Spy on the BBC? BBC America? We started it last night and it is good! Take a look!

Tuesday, February 02, 2016

ToT: sorry I have to opt out of this one!

Today's ten on Tuesday is: 10 Moments/Events/Days In Your Life You’d Like To Repeat.

And my friends, I'm going to opt out of this one. I work hard to look forward and not back, so that's one reason. And when I think of some beautiful things and days, they are often tainted by something dramatic having to do with birth family and various issues.

I'm so lucky to be married to a wonderful man and I would live every minute of the past 20+years with him again, even the bad ones, because he has taught me so much and made me a better person.

So there you go. I'll return tomorrow with my regular knitting content.

Monday, February 01, 2016

Monday's Meme: Guessing!

This morning Kathy gave us a little guessing game!

*Guess how much a skein of sock yarn costs me? I think $24 is the top price I'm willing to pay, and I'm kind of freaked out that there are sock yarns that cost upwards of $30.

*If you had to guess how long it takes me to make a pair of socks ......what would you guess? That is a hard question, as I have lots of projects going at once. I do think I could knit a pair of socks in thick yarn in 16 hours.

*What do you guess is my worst knitting failure? Sweaters that don't fit. 
*Is yarn free? Ever? HA! Yes. I'm part of a swap on the Ivory Tower Fiber Freaks and my swap partner will be getting a lovely skein of Miss Babs as part of the Swap!

* Guess Who is the most popular designer on Ravelry? I don't know--Isolde Teague? Tin Can Knits?  

*Guess one of the most popular yarns on the Ravelry yarn page today and then guess a very popular pattern : Cascade 220, and some hat?
Oops just checked--no 220 on today's list. Damn.