And back

Back from the coast, back to work, back to our academic year normal (except, Tim doesn't have to work on the dissertation all the time, yay!).

I finished this last night. It looks like a kaleidoscope image!  I had a little panic attack last night because I didn't know what to needle next but then I remembered I have a few on tap from the person who did the fox one.

Yesterday was cleaning, driving, unpacking, and forgetting where things were. It was so dark last night (we live in a valley in Eugene) and the noises were different (crickets!). But we'll be back in the groove over the weekend, I'm sure.

Happy Fall!


The weather is stormy--we had bands of heavy rains yesterday. I'm stormy--I don't want to go back to work (please let the next three years go by fast).

Stuff I made
One sock is done. This is for Tim. (ETA: Socks on a Plane.)

I made another little box ornament yesterday. These are impossible to hold together.

It looks huge, but it is only about four inches across.

I've also been playing around with some layered paper things.

It's an octopus.

I re-read "The House among the Trees" by Julia Glass. I recalled really liking it two years ago and I really liked it again. This is one of my top ten books, I think!

To answer a few questions that came up in the blog comments:

-Jessie is doing pretty well, although I think she'll be happy back in Eugene where she can be a bit more free-range. She seems to have stopped throwing up so much, so that's a benefit. Her weight seems stable too.

-Our neighbors out here are a mix of 'full time' an…

A few more lasts

This was our last summer weekend and we're now down to our last few summer days at the coast house. I go back to school really late, but things are starting up this Friday.

Last kayak
We did a new paddle, paddling 'up' the Little Nestucca, one of two Nestucca rivers that empty into Nestucca bay (the other is the 'big' Nestucca, which we've paddled several times). The Little was good--it goes through farmlands, and also in the river were several other kayakers, fishers in little solo pontoon boats, and (the best part) several seals (or maybe sea lions). Their little seal heads popped up every so often (one head was not so little, making me a little nervous) but they are fun companions to see during a paddle.

It was sunny, so I took a few more pictures of the shawl.

I used the 'easy' picot bindoff (cast on 2, cast off 4, repeat forever).

Our neighbors Dawn and Lane had us over for Moscow Mules (as one does), Tim made bread. Our neighbor Pam was t…


We're at that time when we are starting to think of the 'lasts' of the summer. Yesterday was the 'last' summer Friday we'll be here (we head back to live--mostly--in Eugene this coming Thursday). Yesterday was our last trip to the dump for a while (ok that's not a bad thing) and with the threat of bad weather, this might have been the last morning for coffee on the deck.

We can feel the weather changing and we're so happy we had the summer here. We'll be back on and off in the fall, and for an extended time at Christmas, but we've been here for THOSE so it won't be like this summer, which was all new  experiences all summer long.

Pug face
We have a hand held vacuum for a long time that somehow earned the name of Pugsley (there may have been a pug involved in the packaging? I just don't remember). So yesterday I made a new pug face for it:

Clearly I need to go back to work.

Bound off

This needs blocking, and I'll show you it again when …

Road Warrior

It has been a busy few days. Wednesday I left the coast at 9:30, drove to Eugene, got lunch, did a few things around the house, then picked up my frolleague Deb at 2:30 and we drove up to Portland for an event starting at 5. It ended around 7:30 and we drove back to Eugene. I got home at 9:30 and then stayed up talking to Tim and reading. Woke up at 2:30 am thinking how quiet it was (no ocean!) and then woke up again at 5 and then at 6. Just got up then and then piddled about and left the house at 8:20. Got gas, had a bit of OCD and had to come back to the house to check on something, went through McDonald's (don't judge, I didn't have dinner last night) and then got back to the coast.

I was part of a panel talking about purpose driven marketing. I'm the woman with the short blonde hair. To my right is my buddy Doug, who is a writer for an advertising trade publication. To my left first is Mary, who does marketing for a crunchy grocery store, Keith who does marketing f…

In the Post

Isn't saying 'in the post' so much more charming than 'in the mail'?  Channeling my blog friend Rosy who is my go-to source for charming British things.

Thanks Bridget!

These beauties will make a stunning shawl (ok not the tea).

More from Cozy Blue
The September stitch club arrived, as did some additional patterns I ordered.

I love her mandela-like things, and I also think that flower is a good fall thing (now I have officially eleventy gazillion fall themed things, hooray).


Did you read 'Diary of a Bookseller' about a guy who runs the largest second hand bookstore in Scotland? If not you should. He just published a sequel that sadly is not yet available in the US. But you can always have it sent to you, as I did.

This was a surprise: a tiny package from New Zealand. I had no idea what it was. But when I opened it I remembered.

WoolAid are bandaids made in New Zealand from NZ hill station sheep. I read about them when I was researching sustainable…

Weekend is a Wrap

We have one last 'summer' weekend in the coast house--we'll be back in the fall, but we can definitely feeling the change of seasons. It was a rainy day yesterday and it rained HARD last night, and I think we'll have a few more sunny days. 

Tiny needle work

Off by a day for TNT but here is the most recent one:

It needs a few more red accents and this will be a 'deep winter' one,  I think.

Munsen Falls

We had a few little adventures this weekend, starting with Munsen Falls. This is about a half hour drive from our house, and a 10 minute hike to see them.

The falls are really high, and given this was the end of summer, they weren't very strong. We'll come back in the winter. They were beautiful!

On the beach

We walked the dogs on the beach, and this was happening.
Woman in a long blue formal dress riding a horse. What you don't see are all the wranglers as well as several dogs--I think this was a photo shoot.

Also on the beach

I know these signs delight s…