Monday, September 01, 2014

Hidden Gusset

I'm almost done with this one--a few rows at the top and then the thumb. This yarn, from Zen Yarn Garden, must have some cashmere in it because it is quite squooshy. Nice gold 'Go Ducks' color too.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Columbria--still can't get the color right!

But I try. I do try.

The color in real life is a bit greener, but this photo gives yu a good idea of the undulating pattern. It is a fun pattern to work.


Here's Thorntower before I blocked it--I took it outside to photograph it to try to get the details and the colors right--and I think the details in this photo are great but the color is too purply.

It frustrates me how some colors just don't translate.

But you can get a good idea for how this will loo when I wear it.

The finishing went pretty well, the sleeves were a bit wonky but that sh*t will block right out. Right?

Friday, August 29, 2014

Hail Columbria!

The yarn--Yowza by Miss Babs--is a bit bluer green but this is a better rendering than the blue pics that I get without overhead lights.

Here's a close up:

It will look better blocked. But it really looks like the tale of the Loch Ness Monster.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

If I was in the UK, I'd be feeling "chuffed"

I think I'd be feeling chuffed--maybe my Internet Amiga Rosy can tell me--doesn't it mean you're proud of yourself?

Anyway--my goal this summer has been to get my knitting stuff organized.

I cleaned out project bags over the weekend, and had one left--the big bag where the needles and affiliated crap all lived. So I bought a Namaster organizer and put the circs in there, and put all the straights in a needle quiver I made a long time ago. In the process, I found a little pink Namaste tool case and an amazing skein of pink silk fingering yarn. And lots and lots of straight needles.

I have been THAT PERSON who needs a needle and can't deal with the mes so just buys a new one. NO LONGER MY FRIENDS. Well, unless it is a size 5 circ. I have none of those.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

The WoodlandER shawl

I've been calling this the Woodlands Shawl, which is incorrect. It is WoodlandER shawl.

I really like it: a pretty simple pattern that looks more difficult than it really is.
And a closeup:

On the docket for today: organizing circular needles into my new Namaste circular needle container. CAN YOU STAND THE EXCITEMENT?

Tuesday, August 26, 2014


I can have a gazillion projects going on at once, can't I?

I cast on for the Hidden Gusset Mitts:
I cast on for the Woodland Shawl (didn't get far):
It was swinging so it is a bit fuzzy.

I cast on for the Columbria wrap:

It looks like a dragon's tail.

AND, I strung beads onto some yarn for a cowl:

I used a bead stringer. I haven't done that before, usually I do the teeny tiny crochet hook method. But this went pretty well.

Plus I will have the finished sweater to show you hopefully tomorrow.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Building Thorntower!

I finished the shawl collar on Thorntower, and I actually set both sleeves in after I took this picture. I finished 2.5 out of 4 seams so I'm almost done!

And yes, it isn't supposed to be even on the fronts.

What now?

I spent a good chunk of time cleaning up the junk in the 'guest room/yarn room' and that included cleaning out a few messes of knitting bags. I also went through the pile of printed out patterns on my desk and picked out the ones I liked the most. Then I got out the yarn winder and the result is: seven things I want to knit!

If you know me at all, you know I often have many things OTN. I won't promise I won't cast on for these all at once, but who knows?

So Clockwise from the upper left hand corner-

Some Dashing Dachs yarn that I'll use to make the Woodland Shawl. I bought some Miss Babs Tarte for this but I ran across the DD and thought it would be good too.

Yarntini for the Cherry Tree Socks--pattern and yarn received for some long forgotten sock club but I had kept it together because I like it.

Knit picks Chroma for the  Giant Slayer's Vine Scarf. BEADS!

Wollmeise Pure for Nine Maiden. I had to rip this out because I screwed up on an increase but I'm ready to try again.

Zen Yarn Garden for a pair of fingerless mitts, the Hidden Gusset from Knitty.

Miss Babs for the Colubria wrap (this might be the first one I cast on. This are the Woodland Shawl. Or the mitts)

Mini mochi and Mini solid for Nymphalidea (this might be the first one I cast on for as well).

I guess we'll all know sooner rather than later which one I did first!