Monday, October 27, 2014


I've turned the heel on the first Viking Sock, and am now marching to the toe. Here is the front:
 Here is the back (heel flap is ribbed).
I took Jessie Cat back to the vet today for a weigh-in. She's lost four ounces in two weeks--probably not good news, probably means Miss Jessie is going to have an ultrasound to find out what is going wrong in her tummy region.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Tatras-Like Mitt

I mentioned yesterday that I bought this yarn I love--Woolfolk--calling out for something worn close to the skin. I'd love to do an entire sweater out of this but it is pricey. So instead--mitts.

I found a pattern I like, but the yarn used was a bit thicker, so I experimented yesterday with adjusting the pattern for the yarn, and came up with something that is working:

It is like a little epaulet for the wrist.

Anyway--I like how it is working.

Now about the yarn, according to the website:

"Woolfolk yarns combine the highest quality wool with ethical, sustainable practices. The fiber we use, Ultimate Merino®, doesn’t happen by chance, but by the innovative efforts of farmers to produce the very best wool fiber while being land stewards of the Patagonian Grasslands. Woolfolk brings this exquisitely soft and lustrous fiber in handknitting yarns that preserves the unique attributes of this luxurious wool."

I'm using Tynd, and have Far for a hat for Tim.

More here:

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Socks for Tim

Since I've shrunk (inadvertantly) two pairs that I knit for him over the summer, I was glad to finish these guys today.

I was reading the new VK  and found a perfect pattern for the knits made from Woolfolk: Tatras!
Stay tuned!

It is a crazy wet and windy day here today. Hope you are warm and dry!

Friday, October 24, 2014

This way lies madness

I would some yarn today.

I want to make more cabled socks, which requires a solid or semi solid. So I would a light purple, a dark purple and a blue. Then I found two variegated skeins that looked like fun AND looked like the socks will go with black shoes, so I would those too.

Then..I have a bunch of yarn from a new company called Woolfolk. The company raises merino sheep to have yarn that feels like cashmere. And it is true! I have two grey skeins for mitts and two grey skeins and a black skein for a hat for Tim (the hat yarn is chained). I have two small blue skeins for something too.

And another purple skein needs some detangling but that is what husbands and football games are for.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Viking Socks

I'm just about done with the leg on the first sock--eight more rounds, I think. The cable on the front is slightly different than the cable on the back...I think the bottom photo is the front (but I should be more sure, shouldn't I?

These are fun to knit. These would make pretty mitts too, and I might do those later.

Today I submitted three manuscripts to journals--I actually submitted one twice because it got desk rejected immediately (oh, I do love a desk reject).  I wrote two of them with one of our grad students so I really hope they get accepted.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Front half done!

I finished one of the front halves of Arwen last night, and cast on for the second half.
The back is a giant stockinette rectangle, and that is on the needle too for when I need some mindless knitting.

So the top edge is the side of the front and also half of the hood. Then you can see the sleeve at the bottom. I did try to flip it sideways but it wouldn't work.

We're having a very relaxing weekend which is just what we need. The Ducks had a decisive win last night, and we're hoping for the same from the Broncos this evening.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Small miracles

Well, the long week continued long but here it is Saturday, and we're at a better place.

Stella has adapted to spending nights in a crate, and is using the litter box in her crate. She also is starting to use the litter box outside the crate during the day. This is incredibly good news. It has only been a few days but we're guardedly hopeful that this might continue.

Jessie's appetite is returning--we were back at the vet on Thursday and she had not lost any weight since Monday. I caught her this morning eating at the dry food bowl, so that is terrific.

I've had a sleepless night and a busy week on top of it so this weekend we're relaxing.

I cast on for these on Thursday, just because: The Viking Socks:

I knit the cuff in a 1/1 rib and then realized it needed to be a 2/2/ rib--really needed to, since the cable pattern flows from the ribbing: if you are on Rav, the pattern is here: .

The yarn is Wollmeise and is a bit more teal than shows here but a very nice and saturated color.

We went to the Symphony Thursday night for a Beethoven-Shostakovich program that was quite wonderful. Last night we had drinks with a good friend and alum of my school, had a great catch up and yummy appetizers.

We are looking forward to a calm and quiet weekend, hope you are too! Go Ducks!