Tuesday, April 15, 2014

An interesting knit

I've been on the search for some summer-type scarves, and I found one on Ravelry that happened to be in an old issue of VK.

It doesn't quite look like much, but let me explain. there are five 'boxes' surrounded by drop stitches. One row is made of wraps and drops, while there are drop stitches that will be dropped down once the scarf is finished. So it won't look like quite the crazyness is does right now.

Finding the right yarn for a summer scarf is tough. I had some yarn in the stash that seemed great--it was called Olmue and was a cotton/rayon blend with a nice hand. I had already wound it---and only had about 2/3 of the skein wound into a ball. I'm not sure where the rest of it is, but I need the whole ball for the scarf.

I didn't want to do wool because, well, summer scarf.

So i bought some Noro sock yarn that is primarily cotton--it is called Taiyo. The colorway is very summery---pinks and light greys and some purple (is that summery??). So far, so good. I've never been a big Noro fan but I like this one.

The pattern is #13, the Drop Stitch scarf, from Spring/Summer 2009.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Eagle Twist

The next shawl in my short row worsted weight shawl obsession is Eagle Twist. It has the added bonus of a cable up the middle. The yarn is Miss Bab's Yowza Whatta Skein--the bright color is called Naughty Fairy or something like that.

ETA that the light pink is the Sugar colorway.

ETA the correct name of the pattern---created by Dennis Marquez.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

So this happened

It looks much brighter a. in the sun and b. with all the colors on it.
Does your knitting go in phases? Mine apparently does. Now I'm stuck on short row shawls with worsted weight yarn. Cast on yesterday for Eagle Twist, which is a short row shawl with, well yeah you know. Pictures soon once it gets to be something.

Beautiful today once the sun came out--we went shopping for plants for the front gardens and then washed the cars.

Tuesday, April 08, 2014


We're having a few days of spring here--highs in upper 60s and low 70s, which means flip flops and shorts for Oregonian students. I took an hour off this afternoon and weeded our front yard, so I made a bit of a dent in it. I just noticed we have a volunteer aspen in our little circular garden in the front, so maybe we'll keep that. I like aspens.

Usually this is when I hate most knitting, with its wintery vibes, but I will finish this one:

Yarn from Boersma's, a silk blend, and the fun k4rounds p4rounds pattern that works well with a rainbow type yarn.

AND this may be the first and LAST picture of these formica counters, which are being replaced next week in the next step of our kitchen 'refresh'. We just replaced the microwave (the 20 year old one died) and will get the cabinets reconditioned, along with new counters.

It is that time of the year where I have a series of short assignments that just keep on coming. I'm on 18 thesis and dissertation committees so there's nonstop drafts to read. I have a new prep this term so there's that to prep. I have aricles to review and chapters on a book to tweak. So I just plug from one thing to another and I know it will eventually all get done--or else that the year will end and then I'm done anyway.

But yeah.

Sunday, April 06, 2014


I have been a bit obsessed by Peeta---which is now done and blocking (not in this picture, this is Peeta Unblocked). I kind of improvised by using a variegated yarn and I did it all in one yarn--no insert of fingering for me. I like how it looks with the waves and such. And it was a fun knit. And it went really fast.