Sunday, October 19, 2014

Front half done!

I finished one of the front halves of Arwen last night, and cast on for the second half.
The back is a giant stockinette rectangle, and that is on the needle too for when I need some mindless knitting.

So the top edge is the side of the front and also half of the hood. Then you can see the sleeve at the bottom. I did try to flip it sideways but it wouldn't work.

We're having a very relaxing weekend which is just what we need. The Ducks had a decisive win last night, and we're hoping for the same from the Broncos this evening.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Small miracles

Well, the long week continued long but here it is Saturday, and we're at a better place.

Stella has adapted to spending nights in a crate, and is using the litter box in her crate. She also is starting to use the litter box outside the crate during the day. This is incredibly good news. It has only been a few days but we're guardedly hopeful that this might continue.

Jessie's appetite is returning--we were back at the vet on Thursday and she had not lost any weight since Monday. I caught her this morning eating at the dry food bowl, so that is terrific.

I've had a sleepless night and a busy week on top of it so this weekend we're relaxing.

I cast on for these on Thursday, just because: The Viking Socks:

I knit the cuff in a 1/1 rib and then realized it needed to be a 2/2/ rib--really needed to, since the cable pattern flows from the ribbing: if you are on Rav, the pattern is here: .

The yarn is Wollmeise and is a bit more teal than shows here but a very nice and saturated color.

We went to the Symphony Thursday night for a Beethoven-Shostakovich program that was quite wonderful. Last night we had drinks with a good friend and alum of my school, had a great catch up and yummy appetizers.

We are looking forward to a calm and quiet weekend, hope you are too! Go Ducks!

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Deep breaths.

Oh, it is already a long week and it is only Tuesday.

Both of our cats are sick. Our brain damaged kitty, Stella, seems to be experiencing dementia.We can't let her wander at night, so we're trying to acclimate her to stay in a crate. Night one (last night) was a disaster mostly due to our poor planning. So we'll see how it goes tonight, with better planning on our end. I've been having her stay in the box for a bit of time several times today during the day--she is not happy about it but hopefully she'll get used to it. I just don't know.

Jessie has lost her appetite. We had bloodwork done yesterday and it is all fine. Our vet thought she might have thyroid issues since her heart rate was through the roof yesterday, but that came back normal. So she thinks she just has some type of tummy ache. She's also lost a lot of weight, which we've attributed to the switch in foods.

I'm not dealing well with this--mostly I'm not sleeping well (which I'm not sure is cat oriented and it might be hormone oriented) and there's pressure stuff at work too. I need to take deep breaths and be flexible but...

I have limited time and focus for knitting so there might not be regular posts. Hopefully at least twice a week though.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

More Arwen

I'm trying to not be so scattered with my knitting, and honestly that's very difficult for me.

I am now focusing on Arwen, because it is a good TV and football knit.

Here it is once I finished the first sleeve and shoulder part, and am ready to bind off and start the hood.

And above is once I grafted the cuff together and got a few inches done on the hood. The bottom picture is closer to the color. Taken with a food dish and a floor sweeper as accoutrements.

We spent this morning cleaning out our closet and toting four bags of stuff to Goodwill. I got rid of shoes that I haven't worn for ages and now I have breathing space in the closet. That feels good.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Just sayin'

It is Saturday morning, barely 9:30 am, and so far today we have walked the dogs a bit over three miles, put a pot of chili on the stove, had breakfast and read the paper, did some light weight lifting, and put this scarf into the sink for a good soak pre-blocking. I think this will take a couple blocks but we'll see.
This is the beanstalk scarf that has a lot of little beads added in using the tiny little crochet hook method. It was actually kind of enjoyable, although I did forget to do the decreases  The scarf is 35 stitches wide and every RS row has a bead places with a yo on either side, and then some type of three stitch decrease later on in the row. So forgetting one decrease leaves you two stitches too many, two decreases four, etcetera. I figured out a way to catch up without frogging, but k4together isn't a big bunch of fun.
I had a busy week this week, and next week will be busier but then perhaps I'll have some time to breathe. Two weeks of class are done, I'm kind of in the groove, and getting some papers done (I'm working with a great grad student who wants to do lots of papers, and he's fun to work with, so there's that).

Today: Duck game at 12:30 and then not sure what else. It is rainy but yeah, it's Oregon in the fall. Hope your day and weekend is terrific!

HEY--want to meet new knitters and experience new things? Join my twin's "TIS" swap: KSD's TIS Swap . It will get you in that holiday mood and Kim hosts the best swaps.

Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Kind of half way done?

I'm working on Arwen--it is going well. Lots of boring stockinette but that's fine. I have the front and much of the first sleeve done. Then the hood, then the other side.

We're having a bit of a hot spell and I'm ready for some fall. How about you?

Sunday, October 05, 2014

Well. Not quite what I thought.

So. I finished the strips last night and did a wet block overnight. I had two different skeins (top and bottom) and then for the middle skein knit two rows from one skein and two from the next. Blocked them out so they're about thirty inches long each. So far so good.
Today I braided them. The first time the top got all wonky--I couldn't figure out how to lay it out flat. Then I stuck a stitch holder in there and then it all started to make sense. I realized at this point that my strips were too wide and that the braid wasn't really going to look like a braid. But anyway, from here I knit about an inch of garter stitch and then I grafted both eds together. I also sewed some of the pieces together in the back so that it wouldn't undo itself and would lay well.
I still have some grafting to do but, yeah, the whole 'braided thing' kind of got lost. It still looks kind of cool and I'm sure I'll wear it (once I weave in the ends), but just not as cool as I hoped.

So live and learn. Next time, knit an inch of garter before starting the strips (I only did a couple of rows), do thinner strips, and maybe get a bit more length.