New Year's Eve: woo hoo

Visual Evidence!

End of Year Musings

Frodo's done!

Creatures: Stop Your Stirring!

Christmas Eve!!!!

Rabbit Tracks Vexation

100 Things, Part 3

Happy Solstice!


"Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell"

100 things part 2

That Rosey Feeling

100 Things about Me, Part 1

Kitten Love

A Toast to Rose

rabbit tracks

rosey cables

I Hab a Code

Neeed New Needles

Jessie--on the right

Lack of Photos

Rabbit Rabbit~

My Only Thought

I Take It Back!!

Lion T&Q Chenille Heretic


Color Me: Rosey

Too Tense to Knit

What kind of needle am I?

Ah, sleep.

1985 Yarn Sale

Busy Week

Farewell to a Friend


A Brief Foray into Political Commentary

I knit and I knit and I knit...

4:00 AM Alarm

Election Day

Blog Envy

NoTime For Knitting

Felting Before and After photos

Is it a Hat, or a Purse?

Projects, projects, projects


Done times two

I'd Rather be a Goddess..

Unbiased bag

Whipped my WIPs!

Fast Update

Placemat before felting

Manifest Crisis

My Life as a Cliche

Wacky Wobbler Danger

Quick update

Gael Garcia Bernal: A Knitter!

Jen's Tweedy Scarf

Tim's alpaca scarf

A Visit with my Stash

One sock down, one to go!

What kind of needle am I?

Bolero Update

To put it in context...

Trio Bolero

Tim's sock

Moving On...

Sock Update!

Sapphire shawl

Socked in

Pictures! Pictures

Cabled hat

Project Ennui

Back from the Beach!

Pacific City, Here we Come!

Vacation Knitting Plans


Cable Scarf Epiphany

It Felt Good!

Mosaic State of Mind

Summer's Back!

Another Good Knitting Day

Hints of Winter

Stuff is finished!

Knitting to the Roadshow!

Morning Surf Scarf and Sleeve Update

Red ribbon day!

Good Knitting Day Today

Mosaic Knitting

Knitters for Kerry

Back to normal!

Off to Camp and Knit

Plugging Away

What kind of yarn am I? Merino!

Felting the Hat

Next Project!

Knitting Goddess is frowning at me

Hat Accompli

Next Project:

Finished Trio Bag

Current Projects

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