Mosaic State of Mind

I woke up this morning wanting to try mosaic knitting...I don't know why. Part of it was a Saturday morning with no plans, I guess, and the feeling that I could 'play hooky' and just knit on something new seemed in the air.

So..I adapted a pattern from Roxana Bartlett's book, Slip Stitch Knitting, and knitted it up. It may be a hot pad. It may be a disaster (as I knit it with plans to felt it). We'll see.

Anyway, everything (hot pad, Carin's purse, felted tote) is in the washing machine right now. After 20 minutes, the felted tote (made of Lopi) is felting, other two things not so much. I've had good luck with the gjestal but we'll see if it holds.