Wacky Wobbler Danger

A quick post on Cody (dog) and Stella (kitten).

Cody has always been a garbage hound, willing to eat everything in sight. Earlier this week we awoke to the dulcet tones of Cody throwing up....and out came a ROCK. A inch-on-each-side-probably-eaten-at-a-nearby-construction-site ROCK. Please know, dear reader, that Cody isn't running around loose, and I was probably present for this rock snack. Thanks goodness he horked it up.

Yesterday Stella, who never horks, horked. And frighteningly, it was a blind cord: two feet long. She must have chewed it off So I hurried and shortened all the other cords so she couldn't reach them.

Today, the kicker: I bought new toys for Stella which were labeled as "wacky wobblers with fun teasing motion." Translation: styrofoam ball covered in felt. Stella played with her wacky wobbler for, oh, ten minutes, and then lost interest as she is wont to do. The next thing I know, Cody is wolfing it down. After wrestling it out of his mouth, I made a panic call to the Vet's. Five minutes later, Cody is being 'punished' with a peanut butter sandwich. I guess peanut butter and bread will make sure whatever styrofoam is in his system will move through. He is in dog heaven, and keeps licking the floor looking for those last dollops of peanut butter.

The odd thing is, Cody generally ignores Stella's toys. Was it the styrofoam? The felt? The Wacky wobble? Who knows?