100 Things about Me, Part 1

1. As I start this list, I don’t think I’ll make it to 100 things.
2. I’m a college professor.
3. I used to work in advertising.
4. Now I teach advertising.
5. I don’t believe in the adage that ‘those who can’t, teach”.
6. Except perhaps when it comes to gym.
7. My parents divorced when I was 3.
8. I never saw my dad after I was 5.
9. I’ve recently dealt with the repercussions of this.
10. My favorite city is London.
11. My favorite city that I lived in is Boston.
12. I was a theater jock in high school.
13. I started college as a theater major.
14. I changed my major four times.
15. My undergrad degree was in film history and criticism. It’s like being an English major without having to read books.
16. I have an MBA.
17. I have a PhD.
18. No one calls me Doctor.
19. I met my husband online.
20. I married him when I was 37.
21. We’ve been married almost ten years.
22. When I turned 35, I made peace with the fact that I’d never get married.
23. I love animals.
24. Except repties.
25. When I was 30, I lost 50 pounds.
26. I have since gained about 15 of them back. Not bad.
27. I’ve been knitting for about a year.
28. I’m a process knitter.
29. I made Christmas gifts for almost everyone I exchange gifts with this year.