100 things part 2

30. I like snow.
31. I don’t like being wet and cold.
32. I do not have my adnoids.
33. I do not have my tonsils.
34. I have everything else.
35. I have always hated my hair.
36. I have ntermittant insomnia.
37. I would often rather spend time with animals than with people.
38. Except reptiles.
39. I love cashmere.
40. I love chenille.
41. I love Born shoes.
42. I love dark pearls.
43. I love dark chocolate.
44. I have had two episodes of clairvoyance.
45. I have had one out of body experience.
46. I really,really want a mini cooper.
47. I play the banjo badly.
48. Given unlimited choices, I’d pick Indian.
49. I would prefer not to dance in public.
50. I love giving presents.
51. Getting presents makes me nervous.
52. I was once a professional gift wrapper.
53. It didn’t stick.
54. My favorite color is blue.
55. My favorite movies are “Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory” and “The Player” by Robert Altman.
56. I am oddly fascinated by certain Reality TV shows.
57. I cannot sing.
58. I used to speak Spanish fluently.
59. I wrote a book (a textbook) about advertising and society. It is ranked something like 600,000 at Amazon.
60. I never thought I would be a Cat person.


Kate said…
A mini Cooper?? How do people drive those little toy cars? ;>)