End of Year Musings

I know, I still have a couple of days left before the turning of the year, but just want to blather on a bit about the year that past.

It was a good year...I learned to knit and learned I love to knit, and that has made my life much fuller. I don't think I find knitting quite the zen-like relaxer that others do, but it does something for me..maybe next year I'll be able to explore this a bit more. It has also been good for the relationship wtih my husband....hard to say exactly how without going into long discussions on challenges of relationships but I think he likes seeing me stick to something and be committed to getting better at it. And for taking risks and experimenting. And for overcoming frustrations (I could never be a potter, like him....I just don't GET IT).

For next year, I want to learn to spin and to get better at the details of knitting....not just knit something to complete it and move on but to knit something so that the process becomes meaningful. I'm also not sure exactly what I mean by this, but I want to challenge myself more and not just be able to say "hey, I made 10 scarves for Christmas presents so I am ALL THAT."

The lace scarves and the spinning should hopefully help to accomplish that.

I want to connect with more people in the knitting community and get involved that way...and maybe find some type of charity project that could also involve knitting.

So that should be enough for a while!

I started the entrelac felted bag last night and am ready to start going on the actual entrelac parts. Should be an adventure.