New Year's Eve: woo hoo

DH and I have been in training: last night we stayed up til 11, and I had an 'exotic' drink at lunch and half a beer at dinner.

We are ready to party.

Our plans for today include looking at office furniture, knitting (me), pottery (DH), and then a marathon viewing of Sports Night on DVD while working on an impossible jigsaw puzzle we got for Christmas (an MC Esher one, if you can imagine).

I'm on the second tier of rectangles on the entrelac bag, and continuing to enjoy working on it. More pics tomorrow. I've also been working on the rosey sweater so that doesn't get neglected. I also decided to (hopefully) by some alpaca/cashmere at on Tuesday, and make a beautiful scarf for our friend Patti, who fostered both cats for us.

I can only hope your NY Eve is a bit more exciting than ours.


Kate said…
Happy New Year, Kim!!