Book Crazy

Barnes and Noble is having an online sale for craft books. 20-30% off, and free shipping if you spend more than $25.

I had a little epiphany last night. When I first started knitting (15 months ago) I checked out all these books from the library and TOTALLY FREAKED! I knew I would never be able to make the things in the books. Well, I've been checking them all out again, and now realize I WANT TO MAKE EVERYTHING in the books.

Case in point: Folk Bags. I loved that book the first time I saw it but felt incapable of doing any of the patterns. And now, I kinda think I can do them all*. So I ordered that one from And then the knitter's companion, because it's written by the same person who wrote Folk Bags. And then Pursenalities, because I'm back in a major felting mode. Then, I saw they had "A Gathering of Lace" and I have all this zephyr that I want to do lace stuff with. And then the vogue accessories book. Just because I like doing accessories. Hey, Christmas is coming.

I like books.

I haven't written much about my job, and that is because it is so much calmer than last term. I'm teaching only one class of six grad students working on individual projects, and that's pretty light. I'm helping out on lots of little projects, doing my own research, and reviewing papers (I reviewed four, FOUR manuscripts yesterday that ranged from ehhh to distressingly awful).

But all in all, life seems to be good (cold, rainy, but good).

*Yeah. There's intarsia there. I have to face intarsia some time.