Moebi-oops Part Deux

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Do you have any idea what this is?

It started out as a moebius bowl, but I cast on too many stitches and the strap was too long. Then I started to make it into a moebius purse, but I misread the instructions (seeing a pattern here?) and didn't widen it out enough. So i thought I'd create my own pattern and make a knitting needle quiver. And that is what it is. Right now, in its unfelted state, it's about 4 feet long, but it should felt down to something that looks kind of nice hanging on a wall and holding my knitting needles.

I used two yarns: sapphire brown sheep bulky, and two strands of brownsheep handpainted in english garden (or country garden, something like that). The strap was knit in sapphire and then finished in i-cord in the handpaint. The fair isle portion is the blue and the handpaint. I love how these colors look.Even though its nothing like it was supposed to be, I still love this project.