Oven Mitt Christmas

I decided that the Christmas gift this year will be oven mitts and pottholders from Knit One Felt Two.

They're pretty mindless yet interesting to knit. They look cool. I can use up a lot of my stash. So that's decided. Now I only need to make, um, five or six sets between now and Christmas. Should be doable.


Jenni said…
Gosh! Christmas ALREADY!?!?! I gotta get through summer, first!
ttbookjunkie said…
Oh that is a good idea, I was thinking hats for all since I made scarves for everyone last year.

General Ginger said…
A woamn after my own heart. I thought I was the only one thinking about Christmas at this point in the year! I've decided on felted bags since I am completly addicted to them and can't seem to stop making them.