Springing Forward~

I got back from Houston last night, the conference was good, I met some great people and re-connected with some others. I made a point of not hanging out with the 'usual' people I hang out with, and that was good for me too. So, a successful conference.

Not much knitting though...except on the way home last night. I was in a middle seat and wipped (ha ha!) out my ruffles and got the attention of both seat mates as well as the adorable kids of the woman on my right. We had a great time talking about knitting and crafts. Met another knitter while changing planes and we admired eachothers projects and talked about the 'sisterhood' of knitters. Very cool. So that was fun.

I'd like to announce my new NNBA: my no-nail-biting-agreement. At one of those little kiosks in the Galleria at Houston, I spent some time talking to an interesting woman who sells sea-salt based products. She sold me a buffing/cuticle/hand cream kit which makes my nails look pretty. This is quite the thing, since I've been a chronic nail biter since the womb. But I'm going to try to keep my nails buffed and pretty and see if I can stop biting the nails. Wish me luck.

Days left in the YNBA: 82 (or thereabouts)
Days into the NNBA: 2 (or thereabouts)


Amie said…
Hi, Kim!

I was a BIG time nail biter (also since the womb - a childhood story is my parents realizing when I was three that neither of them had ever cut my nails....) and then put acryllics on for a while... it's a totally different sensation to nibble on those puppies, and really catches your attention. I've since taken them off, but the habit was changed for good! Now it's an occasional nip, rather than a full-blown feast...

Welcome to the Spinning Wheel!