Squiggle and fizz and kittens, oh my

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I finished the squiggle and fizz neck wrap (let's not call it a scarf, it will never be a scarf and I must come to grips with that). It is in very pale pastels and will look very cool with a white sweater or turtleneck (what was I thinking that it would be a summer scarf?). Anywhere, Jessie Cat likes it too.

This one knit up during my current research project: measuring product placement on television. Yes, for my job, I tape tv shows and then watch them and time the number of product placements on the programs. This may sound like fun. It isn't. It means I have to PAY ATTENTION to horrible television like 'Extreme Makeover' and some stupid, stupid sitcoms. Not fun. Not fun at all. But...if I have mindless knitting to do I can focus a bit more on catching all the brand placements, so that is a good thing.