Twisted sister!

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I'm working on the moebius bowl: I did the rim in lopi and you can see how cool it looks in the pic. I've picked up the stitches in a darker gray of lopi and will do a black bottom to finish it off. I really like the now am re-thinking everything I want to do to incorporate moebius things for gifts. I mean, which would you rather have...a felted oven mitt or a felted moebius bowl?


Anonymous said…
Can't wait to see this finished Kim!
The owner of my lys has a little felted moebius bowl with decorative I-cord trim in her shop (made with a deep green Manos yarn). I HAVE to admire and touch it every time I go in!
Thanks too for letting me know about your lys...never would have thought Ben Franklin!!! I will be watching for those sales!
You spin are where I WANT TO BE! I have a lot of learning to do and your blog (and posts on KR) sure helps. Thank you!