What do you think Louise is thinking right now?

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Poor Louise (the rabbit). The cats think she is a chunky kitty companion who will naturally 'get' that batting her ears means 'come play'. Louise, though, is a prey animal, and thus is probably not too happy about these aggressive actions. She is incredibly tolerant, though, and will be OK with a little kitten eskimo kiss, as seen in this picture.

As a responsible Bunny mom, the cats and Louise aren't ever unsupervised, although I must admit I have swooped in to grab Louise when the cats get a bit too interested.

Anyway, I haven't posted any pics lately so thought I'd show you Louise. I'm saving her fur to spin, but that will be a slow, slow process. The knitting continues...I started a cute stuffed lamb from the Fiber trends felted lamb pattern, but right now it looks only like a grey crescent moon so that won't be too exciting to see in person.