YNBA and NNBA updates

First, the good news: the NNBA goes well, and on this Friday it will be two weeks since I bit my nails. Howzabout that? In the back of my mind I think I've read that if you adopt a new behavior for two weeks you're well on your way to keeping up with it. So that's the good news (my nails still look a bit pathetic, but not as pathetic as they did 10 days ago).

Now, the bad news: the YNBA is not going well. You might have noticed in yesterday's post that I had to buy a lot more roving for Tim's sweater. Well, I haven't made a dent in giving anything away to compensate for this. AND....I made a quick stop at the Ben Franklin to check out the yarn offerings, and they had a sale on sock yarn: $2 and $3 a ball. I picked up about $7 of yarn.

But...like an overdose of chocolate, once I start I don't want to stop. I've been eyeing fleece artist stuff on line. And I just found out that there's a fiber festival in Yachats in a few weeks. Oh well. Life is short. Buy more yarn.

I'm only working on two things right now: the moebius bowl (which is probably 2/3 of the way done, I forgot how much I love big needles) and the knit a knotted purse, which is about halfway done. Must. Finish. Projects.


Jenni said…
Could I get some more info on the Yachats event. Maybe we will go!
Jenni said…
Nevermind - I found it on KR.
Kim in Oregon said…
Too late!!! Posted at your blog. I guess we're on line at the same time!