And so it goes.

Cable sock: 4 inches on the cuff.
Shawl: 75% done.
Sweater: ready for the sleeve shaping of the two fronts.

Clearly, I could post pictures but they won't look that much different than pictures I've posted before. So if you want pictures let me know, if not, just scroll down and add a little bit more and that should do it.

I had lunch with my friend Jen. She's ready to become a Mom, and her doctor said that her due date (June 14th) is probably the earliest that little Frodo will enter the world. Tim is betting on June 18th. June 17th is Steve's mom's birthday (and Tim and my anniversary) so I think it would be nice if he came then. But we're pretty flexible. :-).

I've been wrapping up my work for school, my grad students are turning in their final papers tomorrow, and I have meetings on Wed. and Thurs. to watch the students present their project to the Governor and the Trustees (yes, sort of a big thing, but I'm highly peripheral, sort of the designated grown up) and then I'm done, done. done. Yay!