That word has many different meanings at this time of the year.

First of all, commencement ceremonies were yesterday. I get very emotional when sending all our students out into the world....and yesterday, with a record graduating class, I alternated between weeping and smiling so much that my gums dried out! Commencement is one of the few times when I see our students
a. dressed up
b. awake and
c. completely happy.

It is fun albeit weird to meet their parents. Most of them are nothing like their kids, which surprises me.

So that was yesterday.

It is also commencement of my summer break...the first summer in a while that I haven't had a major committment in terms of time (ie teaching). I have a lot of things I want to do this summer, and they all fall into three categories: reading stuff, fiber stuff, and home stuff.

Reading: I'm looking for good books to read, I just finished a group of essays by Susan Orlean and started on a book about literary London by Anna Quindlen (which is giving me more ideas of books to read). Harry Potter, of course.

Fiber: I"m taking a class in felted button making at the Blacksheep gathering, and I've also purchased a couple of books on natural dyes, so I'm planning on trying that too, on top of all my knitting and spinning plans.

Home stuff: We need to seriously get rid of junk in our house (to make more room for yarn) (oops did I say that).

And finally, I'll spend time with Jen and little Evan, who is doing great and expects to be returning to Eugene with his parents either Monday or Tuesday.

And now on to the knitting news:

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I turned the heel on the xoxox sock and am now in the process of finishing the foot. This is made with Kroy sock yarn, which is Tim's favorite yarn to date. The pattern is a bit hard to see but I think this sock looks great in person. I like socks, I like doing cables, so this is the perfect project for me.

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The Handmaiden Scarf is being blocked in the laundry room: it is sitting on top of a peach colored towel so it is a bit hard to see all the beautiful colors, but trust me, it is quite a pretty site. After I weave in ends I'll steam block the edges to even it out.