Frodo's Coming!

Jen went into labor last night....yeah, I wrote yesterday that it would be the 17th at the earliest. Hold a good thought for her and for Frodo. It will be a busy day with trips to take care of their dog, Gauss, on top of stuff at school but hopefully it will have a good ending.

Update: Evan Thomas Hackstadt was born at 6:45, 7 lbs 3 ounces, Mom and baby are doing great, Dad sounds a little worn out. We are so happy for Jen and Steve and know Evan will bring skeins of joy into their lives. We can hardly wait to meet him!


Marina said…
What good news! Bet you'll be a great "aunt".

(We used to call all our parents' friends, auntie & uncle.)
Irie said…
"skeins of joy" - I love it :)