Good Sock Kharma

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Is it just me, or are these socks adorable?

I'm sad that these socks are done, because I loved making them. But, I've got some good sock kharma going on. I've bid (and lost) a couple sock lots on eBay, and I've missed out on someone selling bearfoot on KR twice (twice!) Last night, before I went to bed, I thought "I wonder if Herschnerr's will have sock yarn on sale."

And whadya know.

First thing this morning: email from Hershnerr's. Kroy, $2.27 a ball.
And free shipping.
And 14 balls on their way to me.

Not ONLY that...I posted a query to KR asking for a sock pattern with an OXOX pattern on it (to make for Tim, who should have hugs and kisses all day long). (From me). And some wonderful KRer posted this link to a pattern that will work great. And Tim can have his choice of about six different colors.

Good sock kharma. Can't beat it.