Happy Feet part deux

Handsome feet
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It was a fiber happy weekend, with lots of spinning, felting, knitting, and general wooly fun. I finished the xox socks for Tim--the color is actually a pearl grey, not the tan they look here--but the important thing is the xox pattern down the sock. I'm a bit proud because I did the cuff according to a pattern but then winged the foot with the cable without a pattern, and it turned out fine.

Big feet
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I finished the pink ballet slippers...here they are pre-felting.

just right.
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And here they are post felting. If I was to knit these again (fiber trends pattern) I would make the strap at least 3 or 4 inches longer (15 stitches or so) since the straps don't quite meet the edge of the slipper. I'll felt a button for a closure.

I started yet another sock, the feather and fan sock from Socks Socks Socks using a multicolored yarn. It is gong well. I spun some of the merino silk, it is beautiful. Pics soon.


ToastK said…
Handsome feet... hairy legs.