I've been dyeing to tell you about...

dye experiment one
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...my experiments with Kool Aid Dyeing.

Overall, it was interesting...the colors aren't quite as vivid and bright and, well, koolaidy as a expected. I used knitpicks fingering weight wool in both these experiments. Experiment one involved laying out the yarn on a plastic bag and pouring the koolaid mix onto the plastic. I used four colors of kool aid on this one.

de1 in the bowl
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Then I plopped into a glass casserole and did the zap in the microwave thing.

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Then came the rinsing (and vain attempts to get the grape smell out of it), and the hanging of the yarn in the tree to dry.

de2 in the bowl
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For dye experiment 2, I bypassed the plastic-on-the-lawn step and put the wet yarn in the casserole, pouring the koolaid on it directly. Koolaid, though, does not 'blend', that is, red and blue koolaid do not purple make. Instead, mixed koolaid makes sort of grey brown dye. Pretty, yes?

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The yarn from experiment 2 looks very similar to the experiment one yarn, with a few more white spaces for sort of a dye-tie effect. Lessons learned: 1. kool aid produces pretty consistent colors. 2. if you dye with koolaid, you better like those colors a lot.