One Fish Two Fish Red Fish...

purple fish
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...Purpley Blue fish.

This is from Knitter's 51: the MC Esher-like Fish afghan. The one in Knitters was made from Worsted, with each fish ending up about 6 inches long. Well, I am adapting this somewhat for a baby blanket for Evan, and am making it in Paton's Bella. This fish is 24 inches wide and about 12 inches high at the longest point. So about six fish, one on top of the other, will be about the right size for a crib. To give you a better visual idea, the fish on top will face in the oppostie direction, and wil fit in snuggly on top of the purple fish.

Confused? Sorry! I'll post pictures when I get more finished.

In other news, 10 years ago today was the day I married my wonderful Tim. It seems like yesterday, and every day has been a gift. I love you T!!