Rabbit Rabbit

Happy First Day of June.

I'm at a weird place knitting-wise...I'd post pictures of where I am but it would look like the other pictures, only more so. If you know what I mean. I finished the back of Mom's sweater and am working on the ribbing for the two fronts (it's a cardi, obviously). The second of the happy socks is about an inch away from the toe, and the shawl is the shawl...about 2 feet or so long right now, unstretched, so maybe 3 feet by now stretched. I'll just use up my two balls of handmaiden until done.

I'm reading a good book: The Law of Bound Hearts. It is about two sisters who have a falling out, and haven't spoken for six years. One of the sisters (the one that instigated the falling out) now needs a kidney transplant. The characters of the two sisters are very well crafted, and it certainly resonates for anyone who has had a falling out with someone. It also led me to think: would I give a kidney to my brother (we're not close, but the answer was a resounding yes). So, the book passed one of my tests for being a good book: it made me think about how the situation would effect my life.

Do you have 'tests' for books?


RoseM said…
Books I read (fiction or non-fiction) have to open up a space in my mind or my heart. If I don't feel something 'growing' in either, I stop and go on to something else.