Secret Palapalooza

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My KRSP sent me a terrific package that arrived yesterday---thank you Secret Pal! It felt like I was opening Mary Poppin's carpetbag...more great stuff kept coming out!

First, three balls of yarn: black dk, Beaux in black, white and gold, and gold Baffi, which is a flag type yarn. As I was pulling out the balls, I thought "this would make a pretty bag" so imagine my delight when I pulled out a pattern for an evening bag made of those three yarns!!! And it is from Ram Wools , one of my favorite shops in the world. But wait, there's more!

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And if that wasn't enough...the package also contained this gorgeous lilac sock yarn (sock yarn!! how did she know??) that SP said was hand dyed in Canada (home of Fleece Artist. I love Canada). Also, these cute knitting note cards, two hysterical fluffy sheep pens, and hand felted soap!

I love the Secret Pal program. The idea that someone you don't know will send you great stuff with faith that someone THEY don't know will send THEM great stuff does a lot to restore my confidence in people.