Thursday, June 30, 2005

Spinning Report

spun romney
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I"m at a weird place with my spinning...I think I'm spinning very thin yarn but then when it's plied it becomes, um, not thin. Worsted weight. Not sure how this is happening, although I'm currently blaming it on my wheel and the fact that the ratios (which I honestly don't understand) don't allow me to spin the way I want. I'll try to learn a bit more about this today. But in the meanwhile, here is the peachy pink Romney from elemental affects that I spun up (two ply).

spun silk merino
Originally uploaded by kbshee.
And here is the silk merino from Ewe to You...very pretty but not as fun to spin as the Romney (and neither are as fun as Alpaca).

I think I need to spin more often in order to get better...

IN other news, part two of the horrible seminar was yesterday...and it was great! As bad as the first one was, this one was very enlightening.

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