Stash Rehash

I had to reorganize my stash yesterday, as it has been exploding all over the house. Now it is somewhat organized into five different groups:

1. Fingering and lace weight yarn
2. Wool yarn for felting
3. Novelty yarn
4. "Good" yarn for planned projects (some lorna's laces for clapotis, some of Mario's yarn for a sweater)
5. The rest of the yarn: relatively large numbers of relatively inexpensive yarn that I'll use to teach myself new techniques.

I'm very pleased with my organization, and also wtih the fact that I can shut the yarn closet door!

My library is having an adult reading program, which is a great idea: you read three books, you write a brief review of them in this little pamphlet, you turn the pamphlet in, you get a free coffee at the library coffee shop! And you're entered in a drawing to win a weekend at a hotel on the coast! And you can fill out as many pamphlets as you like (thus increasing your caffeine intake and chances to win the weekend). Plus, you get a darling little notebook to keep track of your thoughts.

I've always been sort of jealous about summer reading programs for kids, so this makes up for that. The first book I'll review will be the new Monica Ferris mystery.