Stop Thief!

Someone found one of our credit cards numbers and charged up a storm yesterday. We were on the phone with the CC company for a while last night getting the details...this was one of those situations where the CC company calls and says "have you been charging a lot on your card today?" After Mike from the Fraud Department did his thing, we called the CC back and confirmed that Mike worked for them and we didn't get sucked into a scam. But Mike is real and more interesting, we got a list of things that the person bought.

Lots of stuff from the Talbots. Some stuff from Abercrombie. Phones. A web service.

Hmm. Doesn't take much to figure out the demos on the thief.

We don't know how they got the number...its a card I don't carry and Tim only uses for large purchases. But whatever. It is handled. But the lesson is...what? Always check your statements, I guess. This was a fairly simple thing to take care of, mostly because the CC company found it. But it could be much, much worse. It is sort of ironic because I'm going to focus a class in the fall around the concept of "Identity theft". So now I'll have some real-life context to put on it.

So that fun, combined with a highly problematic Doctoral student, made last night not very enjoyable. Luckily, the weekend is here (well, in six point five hours).

It will be a crafty weekend. I'm taking a finishing class at my LYS (taught by Mona the spinning goddess) and Tim will exhibit some of his ceramics at our neighbor's open studio. So I'll have lots to show (hopefully) soon.


Marina said…
Sorry that happened to you but at least the CC company was diligent. I've had my CC# stolen a couple of times. Once a hacker managed to get a whole lot of #s from a company. The thief used my # for "s*x services"!!
Irie said…
That's awful! :-o

Glad it worked out though.