#$%&*@! Sweater

I wrote earlier that I was having some trouble with the sweater that I'm working on...the box lace pattern in Paton's Divine. Yesterday I worked on it and I think I frogged more than I knit. Aargh. I think I'm going to put it aside for a while and then go back to it when I'm a bit calmer about it. It is frustrating me to no end and frankly. life is too short!

I took a finishing class at Soft Horizons yesterday....when you teach yourself how to knit you can learn an awful lot, but there are always going to be things that you need to see happening in person. Like stitching shoulders together. And making one. Anyway, the class was good...about half things I knew already, and half things that I didn't know, so it was good. I have samples that I can use in the future, so that is another benefit of the class.

I'm going to start on the xoxo socks for Tim...now that I feel better about putting the sweater aside. It seems I do better on it (yes, I'm back to obsessing about the sweater) when I have a few quiet hours or so to concentrate on it. But I"ll stop obsessing now (yeah, right).