Things that are too big

big slipper little foot
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I've had this fiber trends pattern for felted ballet slippers for about a year, but got the desire to cast on yesterday. I finished the first one, as you can see.

Look closely: you'll see a white sock and a bit of yellow toe. This is the end of my foot. This slipper is easily double the size of my foot, and thanks to the magic of felting, this will hopefully fit like a dream after felting. And when the next one is done.

This is one of those patterns that makes NO SENSE when you read it but makes perfect sense during the actual knitting.

Frodo, um, Evan boots
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Steve sent me this picture of Evan's feet with the little booties I knit for him. They are a bit (a bit? who am I kidding?) too big for him right now but I'm betting they fit sometime soon.