Another Afghan Square...and more

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I finished the fifth or sixth square (have to go double check) this afternoon. I got a bit bored with this square, since the pattern was pretty memorizable. I'm going to try a more involved one for my next one.

My secret surprise gift for Tim is going well. Here is a hint: intarsia. And it is not a sock or a sweater.

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Where was I when Opal introduced the Rainforest Collection of Sock yarn?? Oh how I love this yarn...I bought three balls from Woodland Woolworks and they arrived today: Zebra, Tiger and Fish something. First up with this: zebra socks and hat for a little baby I know.

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Tim picked out this sock yarn at the Black Sheep gathering, and I was a bit disappointed since it wasn't the most,um, dynamic yarn I've ever used. But let me tell ya, this sock yarn from Blue Moon Fiber Arts is like buttah to knit up. Like buttah! The colorway is Mica. I 'designed' this sock myself (it's basically a ribbed sock with a left cross cable down the middle of the front).