Feeling Stooopid

If you are a knitter, this post will make perfect sense to you. If you're not, you'll have absolutely no idea what I"m talking about, so just skip down and read about my oven mitt. Thank you. Have a nice day.

OK. As you know, I'm doing squares from the Great american Aran Afghan book. Each square has a couple of charts, written directions for each row, and then this handy guide:

Stitch arrangement
| Chart D | Chart E | Chart C | ChartB | Chart A |
So basically you know what order to follow the charts.

Well. I've done, what, 8 squares, and I've read the stitch arrangement chart from left to right. I always wondered why they didn't re-label the charts so that 'A' came first. I also wondered why some of my squares didn't look like the picture on the pattern.

Last night it hit me: when you read a knitting chart (which I almost NEVER do, I usually follow the row-by-row written out instructions) you read the first row from Right to left, then the next row from left to right.

Following me?

So I've been reading all the stitch arrangement charts the wrong way.

I"m fine with it except I feel stupid. The squares are, well, unique. To me. I like it that way. It is just one of those secret things knitters are supposed to know and I didn't know it. Sheesh.


Kate said…
You're right, most knitting patterns are written out, so you don't usually need a chart. When I made the VK Knit & Crochet Shawl this summer, that was the first time in a long time that I used a chart (for the lace pattern). It was complicated! And you've got FIVE CHARTS! -- oh wow. But I bet nobody will even notice if the squares are a little different from the photos in the book.