a fun weekend

another aran square
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We had a good weekend...errands and work around the house on Saturday (OK, not that fun) and a trip to the beach with the dogs on Sunday. They had a great time: they swam on the inlet side for a while since the tide was pretty strong, then we all took a walk on the beach.

The amazing thing about the Oregon coast is that it is always changing: we've been to the South Jetty at Florence two dozen times and it always looks different. And beautiful.

I spun for the first time in six weeks...and it wen OK, which was a nice thing.

Speaking of beautiful (how is THAT for a self-absorbed segue) I finished another aran square (ha HA! You didn't even know I was working on one, did you?). This one was a bit more complex than the other ones I've done, and I could point out the half dozen places where I crossed wrong. But it is still quite striking, if I do say so myself.