Heels and Healing

First the healing: had a followup visit with Dr. Sheerin yesterday and saw 'film' (as the bone docs say) of my collarbone. It is all lined up and looks good...the stitches are out, the sling is now optional, and now it just takes time for the bone to grow. I have another followup in 4 weeks to hopefully see signs of bone, and then hopefully this will all be behind us.

Now the heels: as much as I love socks, I am not good (NOT GOOD) at heels. With the traditional 'flap' heel, I mess up on the picking up of the stitches. I've been doing peasant heels on the last couple pairs of socks (just finished the body of the second stripey sock last night) and I screw up on the 'placing the stitches on the needle' part. Anyway. I guess I should just get used to the fact that my sock heels need a bit more TLC after the fact (ie stitches to close up the holes) then I would like. Such is life.