It is Hot again

two feet and a mitt
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We had a spell of pleasant weather and now we're back to hot (90F) days, which means I spend a lot of time knitting. The weather, and the fact that Cloud Atlas is sort of put-downable. Anyway, this is the final oven mitt for Christmas gifts. This is pre felted, of course, and uses up all the Lambs Pride Bulky in my stash. It has a matching red pot holder. That leaves one, count 'em, one pot holder that needs to be made and Christmas gifts are DONE.

another square
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I completed this square in something like four days, it was the most complex one I've made yet and I enjoyed doing it. It makes me feel that I can do any square in the book, even the ones done in the round (and I"m sure I"m cursing myself by saying that). So now I have something like 8 squares done, maybe?


Stephanie said…
Love your square! It looks like DNA. :) Wouldn't that make an awesome sweater for a scientist?