little sock, big sock

little sock, big sock
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I've been spending much knitting time on the Tim Gift so I don't have a lot to show. The little sock is knitted in Opal Rainforest 'zebra', and I'm working on a hat made out of this also (and yes, there will be another sock.). The big sock is the one for Tim....the one made with Socks that Rock with a heel and toe from Kroy. These socks feel great.

I'm reading Michael Crichton's book "State of Fear" about eco terrorism...lots and lots of plot but not much charachter, which is fine for summer.

I'm feeling about 90%...the cough is almost gone, the shoulder feels a bit stiff but none of the scraping pain that I've felt before, and I'm looking forward to feeling full of energy again. We've had a little break in our hot-as-blazes summer weather and it is just delightful out.


Irie said…
hi kim, what size knitting needles do you use for Tim's socks?
yqcb3wvjq15mtxf said…
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Kim in Oregon said…
They're funky sized...somewhere between a 1 and a 2. I bought them from someone who sells Addis online (they're European sized).