Off Topic Cost of Health Care Rant

Well, not really a rant. Just a wake up call.

The bills have come in for the collar bone operation. I'm stunned. I was in the hospital a total of, what, 28 hours? The total cost of the operation will total about $18,000. About 12% will go to the surgeon, 8% to the anesthesiologist (sp??) and then the rest to the hospital. I know health care costs are high, but honestly. I'd love to see an itemized bill to see what everything costs...the dollar amount is absolutely amazing to me.

Thank goodness we have insurance...and now the plight of people without insurance is scarily real to me.


Stephanie said…
You definately can get an itemized bill and then you can (with the help of your insurance company) dispute some of your charges. You can get a significant reduction this way.
Kathy said…
Yes, ask them for an itemized bill. But be prepared to be shocked.

I went to the ER last fall and ended up having minor, outpatient foot surgery.

You know those flimsy surgical shoes they make you wear home? $250.

The ONE antibiotic pill I took in the ER was $76. When I filled my Rx for the same antibiotic, the entire prescription (for 24 pills) was only $80!!

I agree with you. It's just insane. If I didn't have awesome health insurance, that one minor procedure would have caused major financial hardship.