Rabbit Rabbit...

four fish
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..or rather, Fish Fish Fish Fish.

Happy August 1st. Pretty much the 'halfway' point of summer for those of us who teach on the quarter system..the summer is going so fast with all my collarbone brewhaha. I go back to the doctor today to (hopefully) get the stitches out and see what the next step is.

Finished a fourth fish over the weekend...I think three more fish and then this will be ready to put together. This is fun to knit (mostly because it is such big yarn) and should be fun to put together.

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I also started on this (fifth? sixth?) square of the Aran Afghan. Haven't worked on this for EONS and I like getting back into it (although,in typical me fashion, I had to frog about four rows after I messed up the beginning. Seriously, I've messed up the beginning of every square I've done).

Spent much of the weekend relaxing and hanging with Tim and animals, trying to get rid of the (still hanging on) cough and staying cool in the Oregon heat.