Social Studies

I'm a stay-at-home kind of a gal. Tim says I'm borderline agoraphobic because given the choice of going out and staying in, I'll pick staying in all the time. All the time. So this weekend was a bit of a challenge because we had not one but two social events to attend. Yee.

Saturday evening. Venue: Zanne and Al's backyard. Occasion: Zanne and Al's wedding.

Backstory: It was the second wedding for both Zanne and Al, two people I work with at the J school. They both have two daughters, and the six of them made a great family portrait, from Al's oldest daughter Ariel who is about six feet tall, to Al and Zanne, both in the 5'2-5'4 range, and Zanne's twin daughters who are teeny tiny.

Agoraphobic Factors: Fairly high. Small talk with colleagues and people I don't know. Hoping Tim has a good time.

Results: A good time was had by all. About 50 people joined the couple for the festivities; the j-school people were the 'cool crowd' and not the people who annoy me. We sat with a very fun group and I got to catch up with a lot of people I haven't seen for a few months. Plus, the broken collar bone is always good fodder for conversation.

Bottom line: OK. Going out isn't that bad at all.

Sunday afternoon/evening. Venue: Laurel Hill Park (2 doors down from us). Occasion: Laurel Hill Valley Neighborhood Picnic.

Backstory: the neighborhood Bigwigs throw this party every year. Usually, it rains. Or it has just rained. Or it threatens rains. This year, the Bigwigs threw it earlier, and the biggest problem was the wind, which was a precursor to threatening rain. We have a rocky relationship with BigWigs given changes in the neighborhood, but whatever.

Agoraphobic Factors: Minimal. Small talk with neighbors and people I don't know. Close escape route.

Results: Another good time was had by all. Caught up with neighbors that I haven't seen all summer (sensing a theme here?) and met some new neighbors who are friends of the aforementioned Zanne (no,not a small world, just a small town). May have gotten sucked into helping a neighbor run for governor, but maybe not.

Bottom line: OK. Going out is fine.

And how was your weekend?


Stephanie said…
Your post had me smiling because it sounds so familiar! I'm a stay inner too. And when I do have to go OUT I mentally run over the list of "hazards" I will have to deal with: small talk with mostly strangers, what's my escape route?, how long will this thing last?? etc... But when I do go out I usually end up having a good time. Funny how that never really seems to make me look forward to it anymore the next time....go figure. I'm just too comfy in my comfy home. :)