@#$%!&* Sock

OK. Shouldn't the first sock be the pain in the butt sock and the second be a piece of cake?

Shouldn't it.

Not so much. Tim's new socks...the socks made with Socks that Rock which I *used* to really love....are a disaster. A disaster. I was going to frog the entire second one but with the voice of Fran (the font of wisdom at Knitters Review in my head, I dropped about a dozen stitches down and fixed them one at a time. The socks now look a bit lopsided-y but hopefully a good trip through the washer will help them.

This occured because for some unknown reason I just randomly pulled the circular needle out of an entire row of stitches. Not once. Not twice. Three times. Three different times.

Socks. Hrmph.