Summertime....and the blogging is-

zebra stuff
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-non existant.

I dont know what it is...everytime I sit down to blog I feel pretty uninspired. It's summer, after all...time for reading good books, knitting little things while lying on the couch, and, um, recovering from a broken collar bone.

Speaking of good books: finished the Michael Crichton one (page turning, but pretty empty) and read "the Wonder Spot" by Melissa Banks, who also wrote 'The Girls Guide to Hunting and Fishing" which I'll have to re-read because the Wonder Spot was so good (and not that The Girls Guide...isn't....I just don't remember much about it).

Which is to say, not much is going on in my life. Tim and I did a lot of little things this wekeend, but I'm still not at the 100% level. Getting there, though. Hopefully we'll have an adventure next weekend (if it isn't so bloody hot out).

I'm on my way over to Jen's to have lunch with Jen and Evan. And to give Evan the zebra accessories I lovingly made. I hope he doesn't notice that one sock is about two rows shorter than the other.