So Much Done!

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I miss Tim like the dickens, but I really can get a lot accomplished when I'm at home by myself. The vest is finished...I think it looks good. There was a discussion at KR that you shouldn't do cables with non-solid color yarn but I think they look good.

What else have I done? Let's see. I'm about halfway through with the new John Berendt book, "City of Falling Angels." It is great! I helped a grad student with a research project and did some coding for her. I moved my summer clothes to the guest room closet and the winter clothes to our bedroom closet. I've walked the dogs. I've run errands including doing some (gasp) Christmas shopping.

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And I've knit. Oh lordy how I've knit. I finished the back of Blackberry. I've added four inches to the Midwest Moonlight (renamed Midwest Sunrise) scarf. And I've done the toes and a bit of the feet on two toe-up socks using Mountain Colors Bearfoot.

And ordered some yarn for a Moebius cape.

And it isn't even 1pm on Sunday. I think I might need a nap!


Stephanie said…
I think cables look great with no-solid colored yarn. It gives a really soft textural effect - kind of like a stained glass window.