Before and After

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The felting went fine, thanks for asking! Here is the before picture. Clockwise from the top: a maroon/purple garter stitch potholder, the Teva Durham Kokopelli bag, a light blue and grey i-cord, and my Vintage Velvet Scarf. All amidst flotsam and jetsum of the kitchen table.

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And here is the after. Um, pretty much the same. Sort of. The Vintage Velvet Scarf got smaller (as expected) and some of my very loose stitches got tighter. The cable became much, much more evident. So it looks good. The icord and the potholder pretty much look like they are supposed to. The felted purse went from a normal sized purse to an itty bitty bag, which is OK. I went into it gung ho and knit up the bag (which uses a lot of short rows to get the interesting shape) and then realized that when TD says 'felted', she meant just a light felt to tighten it up a bit, not to felt it down to a fabric. But...I had knit it with the 'knowledge' that the felting would cover up my erros. Oops.

close up of bag
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The bag stands alone! And it's pretty cute. Holds nothing, but it's pretty cute. I will probably enter this in the fair next year, and will use it as an evening-type bag.

We had a nice day yesterday: we drove to Pacific City to check on our property i.e. the Blackberry patch, had lunch at the Pelican Pub, let the dogs play in the water, and visited a new yarn shop: Nestucca Bay Fibers. It's a small shop with Debbie Bliss, Crystal Palace, Cascade 220, good prices but nothing unique. Bought some kid mohair just to be friendly.


mayquin said…
cool knitting! love the purse, its really unique. would be neat to have that talent,especially around x-mas...
Irie said…
the vintage velvet turned out great!!! :)