Beware: actual knitting content

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Finally, a chance to post some pictures of knitting! First of all, I made these two little Christmas ornaments from some red acrylic yarn that was part of a eBay grab bag accented with Crystal Palace Fizz (I love that yarn. Why do many hate it so?). They were both easy...about half an hour each...and they will decorate some packages somewhere. I might even make another.

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Here's a close up of the vintage velvet scarf with Touch Me. Doesn't look like much, does it?


Irie said…
flash photography is generally unflattering. i know it will be a lovely scarf though :)
Sheryl said…
The scarf looks soft and lovely. Touch Me is really nice yarn. Regarding previous post...I found my cat under the table, growling at the dog, with a mouse in his mouth. I shooed him out into the garage, mouse and all. I am hoping for a dead mouse when I finally get the nerve to open the door. Good luck with everything. How's Stella?