Cheated on Yarn diet

Yeah. It lasted about a day. can now buy Socks that Rock direct from the artisans at Blue Moon Fiber Arts. Very cool. Love this much as Mountain Colors.

And Sunday? I was spinning and sort of complaining-but-not-really about the high speed whorl of my little Kiwi, and Tim says "why don't you buy that wheel you want? " At first I was sure it was too expensive, but then we discussed it and figured thatChristmas is coming and we usually get gifts of cash from our parents--so I could look at is as an early Christmas present. Since the wheel takes 6-8 weeks to arrive the timing should work out perfectly.

Who can argue with logic like that?

So, a Schacht Matchless (!!!!) will be on its way to me. Pretty cool.


Sheryl said…
LOVE Socks that Rock! I so want to spin. I have tried using a spindle but it is not working for me. I went to a spinning wheel round up and was able to try using a wheel and LOVED it. I used someone's Ashford Joy. All tips and hints accepted. Tim's work is cool.