Felting Friday

It's a bit after 7am, and four (count em) four felted items are in the washing machine.

Last night at 9 pm Tim's coworker Dwayne called to ask if Tim could go in early for Dwayne (who is apparently very under the weather, feel better Dwayne). So Tim got up at 6 to go in (he should be off around 11 am, which is a bonus) and I got up with him to get some stuff done. There's a giant basket of laundry, and before I can do that I wanted to get some things felted, specifically:

1. The final piece of Tim's mysterious Christmas gift
2. The last potholder for family gifts
3. My vintage velvet scarf (yes, it is done)
4. My loop-d-loop Kokopelli bag (worried about this one).

We had a great Thanksgiving, although Tim's cooking turned out better than mine. We started with marinated shrimps (Tim made them) around noon, and then started cooking mid-afternoon. We ended up with:

1. Samosas: with homemade dough, which was a bit thick, these were OK (I cooked)
2. Pakoras (potato and onion), good
3. Dry-fried shrimp, which is not dried shrimp fried but rather a twice-fried, reduction glazed shrimp that was awesome. Tim made, of course.

Then we finished around 7 with pie (neither of us made).

It was a cold, cloudy, wet and foggy day, so we hung out at home except for a jaunt around the block with the dogs, who were getting a bit antsy by this point.

Anyway...felting pics tomorrow (knock wood).


Leanne said…
MMMMMmmmmm. Sounds yummy! Can I get the pakora recipe, Mr. Gadget and I love them. I'm glad you had a good turkey day!