I am so fickle. A few weeks back I posted about my new love, Mountain Colors Merino Ribbon. I do still love you, MCMR, I DO, but I have found another softsoftsoft yarn that has turned my head.

Touch Me, by Muench.

Yes, it is chenille, which means it worms. Yes, you cannot (CANNOT) make an error because tinking is ridiculous. Yes, the yarn sort of wraps around itself as you're knitting and it becomes a total pain to straighten it out. And YES, it is ridiculously expensive.

Don't care.

This yarn is so soft, so delicious, so, oh I don't know, wonderful, that I want to knit a cave out of it. Really. That would only cost about, oh, a gazillion dollars.

A girl can dream. About Touch Me.


RoseM said…
Yes it is expensive and irritating to work with . . . but that didn't stop me either. Just finished the Vintage Velvet scarf from Scarf Style and it will be my sis's Christmas gift. Now to felt it.
Irie said…
Vintage velvet in Touch Me..... yummy!