Happy Birthday Tim!

Today is the birthday of the love of my life. Happy Birthday Sweetie!

And where is the man of the hour? At work. Sheesh. NASDAQ is testing today and it was his turn to be 'up' in the rotation. So he went zooming off at 5:45 am (after setting off the smoke alarm by trying to boil water for coffee in the teakettle, after forgetting to put in the water) and he's hopefully wrapping it all up around now. There are presents and cards and lots of animals waiting to tell him Happy Birthday while they're awake (including me). Tonight we'll go to a new restaurant, El Vaquero, for dinner.

And whatever he wants to do this afternoon, we'll do. It's his day, after all.


Leanne said…

Thank you so much for a wonderful year of gifts. I am overwhelmed by your knack of finding just the right gift. I can't believe that you SPUN yarn for me. I will try to do justice to it.