Hey Leanne!

I am not good at keeping secrets. At all. So to be a 'Secret Pal' for ALMOST A WHOLE YEAR was hard. Hard hard hard.

So....after nine months of secrecy, I can officially say hi to my Secret Pal: Leanne! .

At times during the past nine months I've felt like a stalker, since I feel like I know a little bit about Leanne but she doesn't know anything about me (except, of course, what good taste I have in yarn gifts, ha ha). I've suffered through her move, through her sometimes-not-so-great job, through some frustrations over some aspects of the Internet.

I've been impressed by the fact that her blog was discussed in
USA Today (USA Today! She's a celebrity!)

I've been totally blown away by her knitting (and Leanne...you have improved so much this year, congrats to you, you are really an incredibly talented artist). I've been jealous of her other Secret Pals (how petty is that!). But I think I've made this year a little nicer for her, and she does great GUSHING posts over her Secret Pal surprises.

So I hope I've made a new knitting friend--and I've had a great time being Leanne's pal...mostly thanks to Leanne!

Thanks Leanne!


emy said…
Hi Kim,

I'm with you on the Secret Pal thingy. Once you get paired up with good mates, you get really excited and involved :)
Leanne said…
Blush....thanks. This year has been great. Knitters Rock!
Amie said…
Hey, beautiful! You won the God-Awful-Stocking-Order contest! So pick your prize! Let me know if you want fiber, yarn, or handspun, and give me some color preferences, and your address (you can e-mail me - my e-mail's on the flying envelope at the top right of my blog)