In Praise of Secret Pals

Secret Pal Stuff
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I have an awesome secret pal.

Nine, count 'em nine, balls of yarn appeared in the package! Four in this very soft and decorate eyelash yarn (and I'm one of the few people I know who really like eyelash yarn...this will definitely be a magic scarf). Three balls in a mixed green pallette with sparkles and flags. Two balls of sock yarn in rust and brown. And some feet cream yum! And my most intriguing gift...the cookies and clods...clearly a Canadian delicacy. Can't wait to try it!

Thanks Secret Pal! The mind reels!
>Can I just say, the whole 'sending gifts to people you don't know' is one of the coolest things about the knitting community. THink about it. Would you just send stuff to someone you don't know with the 'expectation' that someone ELSE you don't know will send you stuff too? Knitters do it ALL THE TIME. I mailed off my final secret pal box this morning--I've been receiving gifts all year long. And I had a great holiday gift exchange with RoseM last Christmas, and I'm anticipating a great exchange with Emy in Singapore this year (Hi Emy! I mailed your box today!).


Sheryl said…
How fun is all that stuff? I am so new to blogging that I haven't done a secret pal yet...I am so excited to get to do it too. Thanks for the was a blast!